"The Earth is alive, and it has changed over the aeons.

From flat lands into mountains...

From mountains into oceans...

You may find THE WAY...

That is, if you could pass aeons of time at the forbidden palace, or the Sun Keep."

- Old Man from Chrono Trigger

New Mexico Desert Radio

Hello and welcome to New Mexico Desert Radio, a new station for the gaming scene here in Roswell and the rest of New Mexico. In our new location we have a main studio and others set up for audio and video recording and hoping to soon host musical groups at our building and at the other church nearby. We are slowly getting to be quite a sensation here in Roswell and hope to expand further in the community.


We are hosting a furmeet the first saturday of the month at the main building starting at 9am 337 East 6th Street. There is a gospel concert every saturday night at Tabernacle of David on 5th and Shartelle in the evenings. We hoping to plan even more events so please stay tuned.

Station info

The station broadcasts at 128 kbps stereo at 44.1 khz with a capacity of 100 listeners. We play EDM, rock, techno, trance and many others for your listening pleasure.

Listen Link


Monday-Friday is anime, game, and trance.

Saturday and Sunday is rock, techno, and trance.

Site Updates

8/31/2015 - Wow, we have been in our new location for almost 3 months and have made it a home as well as the church, being close to downtown helps alot. We are located on 6th street and have a huge property and I have been slowly getting the infrastructure up.

The station server now runs windows 10 and will soon house plenty of storage with sata 3 drives.

8/6/2015 - Had been a while but now we have a presence on Secondlife again in Otter Valley, still setting up a venue, should not be too long to have stuff there. Also we have aquired a used dell server that is broadcasting the signal at our new place across town.

3/25/2015 - I Have edited the main pages for this site to reflect New Mexico Desert as a whole. I still have to do edits to sub pages. Our services will be listed really soon.

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