"The Earth is alive, and it has changed over the aeons.

From flat lands into mountains...

From mountains into oceans...

You may find THE WAY...

That is, if you could pass aeons of time at the forbidden palace, or the Sun Keep."

- Old Man from Chrono Trigger

New Mexico Desert Radio

Welcome to New Mexico Desert, we are an internet radio station based in Roswell, New Mexico. We are run on a fiber internet connection with very little down time. Iam DJ Spring Rain the station operator. New Mexico Desert Radio has been online for around 2 years now and hope for many more in the Pecos River Valley. We are an affiliate with Russian Orthodox Church in America and Pair-A-Dice Game Shack.

Station info

The station broadcasts at 128 kbps stereo at 44.1 khz with a capacity of 100 listeners. The genres we usualy play is a mix of rock, soundtracks, techno, trance and video game tunes. Changing rotation of tracks often enough to keep things fresh.

Listen Link

Requests can be taken by text through 575-840-1281 On Saturday and Sunday from 6-9pm MST as well as it being the days that I play techno and trance as the major theme.

Site Updates

3/25/2015 - Have edited the main pages for this site to reflect New Mexico Desert as a whole. I still have to do edits to sub pages. Our services will be listed really soon.

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