New Mexico Desert

Welcome to New Mexico Desert providing an internet Radio station for the gaming scene here in Roswell and the rest of New Mexico. In our new location we have set up a livestream studio and my office for internet radio broacasts. Slowly we are getting to be quite a sensation here in Roswell and hope to expand services that we offer for church and community in the near future.

We are conveniently located near downtown Roswell and accepting donations at 337 E. 6th St.

Station info

The station broadcasts at 64 kbps/44.1 khz with a capacity of 100 listeners, made to be mobile phone friendly we play Game, EDM, Trance, and Techno with a few other genres for good measure. We will be setting up another radio station in the coming months for our religious broadcast with Christian music, news, and special guest programming in Association with Bloodbought Television Network.

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The first saturday of each month we are hosting a furry get together at the building and have a weekly Gospel Jubilee happening a block away at the church, at 5th and Shartelle at 7pm each saturday.

Bloodbought Television Network main stream

Watch live streaming video from bloodboughttelevision at

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