"It all began ages ago, when man's ancestor picked up a shard of a strange red rock... It's power, which was beyond human comprehension, cultivated dreams... In turn, love and hate were born... Only time will see how it all ends." - Belthasar, Chrono Trigger.


Welcome to Desert Furries

I am DJ Spring Rain your host of Desert furries. Our internet radio station Desert Furry Radio is broadcasted from our headquarters in Roswell, New Mexico. We also have a presence on Second Life as Club OtterPops. The club has Dance poles, DJs, strippersm, hot tubs, and a very large pool. We have some games in our club like, Case, No Devil, Destiny, 4play, and more. Come and Join us at our SL location. The teleporter pad also leads to my airport and item shop at ground level. My locations in the list is Airport, Pool, Otterpops, and Adult Lounge">

Mission Statement

To serve the furry community of the Southwestern United States that is primarily focused on furries that live in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. We are here to plan and coordinate events, that include conventions, furmeets, pizza parties, community garage sales, fundraisers, game nights, pot lucks, transportation, stage our own art shows, and furry theater. And also provide support to our furry community.

Furmeets and Events

We are going to coordinate with the furs in El Paso and Las Cruces to get the info about all of our meets and try to get them on the calendar.

Groups on Facebook

Desert Furries - https://www.facebook.com/groups/552233558149279/

El paso and Las Curces Furries - https://www.facebook.com/groups/EPLCfurries/



Club Otterpops on Second Life


Welcome to Club Otterpops relaxation spot, A club themed with underwater, with a in-club pool. Furs and humans are welcome! We have Dance poles, DJs, strippers, escorts, hot tubs, Case, No Devil, Destiny, 4play, and more.


Radio Stream

We are currently hosted by shoutcheap.com, broadcasting at 128 kbps stereo at 44.1 khz with a capacity of 25 listeners to begin with. Encoded with the LameMp3 codec.

Listen link

Site Updates

08/02/2014 - We have moved otterpops to new area where we will not be under as much resource restrictions. New light systems have been installed and the station name is back to being New Mexico Desert Radio.

04/28/2014 - Fo.cx had been running continuously for 8 years and have begun to fail, so i have decided to move to host gator, which is very affordable. A few months ago I had aquired land in Sunweaver space, me and my group have worked really hard and it should be ready to open this Saturday hope to see you here. It is called Club Left Fur Dead, which sort of ironic with my desert theme for my group. Links shall come back online really soon.

09/25/2013 - The D-Link network switch i had been using suddenly died, so i had to replace it with a spare a TRENDnet 8 port switch. Apparently the new one may be better quality as it has a metal shell, the other was mostly plastic. Station was down due to that failure.

09/21/2013 - I have reactivated webring and added a few more ringtones, found on our music page. Iam gonna try to get more involved in the furry community in El Paso and Las Cruces and try to become an actual non-profit organization.

07/07/2013 - Our first Furry Invasion event was successful with 4 people attending. We had a pizza party the first night and attended the festivities and had a cookout with chicken legs and burgers. though they were here for Friday and Saturday, things went very smoothly. Regularly scheduled events will go on.


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