Welcome to New Mexico Desert Shuttle

We are a small company headquartered in Roswell New Mexico and provide an internet radio station and a shuttle service to transport people between Roswell, Artesia, Carlsbad and other areas along our route. As we are slowly coming together, we will be bringing the shuttle service online in the coming months. We are starting with airport service. Roswell is a connection to Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. With Hobbs being a connection to Houston, TX. This is a provisional page, the links will come online soon.


Currently we have a 1996 Ford Explorer Limited (It is wellworn but still very good condition) as our main vehicle until we get an actual executive car available, which should be very soon.


Local prices is $15 from the airport to anywhere in town.*

Out of town will be $35 and up.*

I take American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

*Taxes will apply.

Contact info

Our service can be reached through phone or through text at

The Office number is at (575)

Text and Cel number is (575) 840-1281


We are open from 10am-6pm Mountain Time Monday-Friday.

New Mexico Desert Radio.

We are an internet radio station broadcasting at 128 kbps stereo at 44.1 khz with a capacity of 100 listeners. The genres we usualy play is a mix of rock, soundtracks, techno, and video game tunes.

Listen link


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